Delivering Urgent Covid Tests

Courier for urgent covid tests

If you are looking for a reliable urgent covid test courier to speed up the testing process, our team of logistics experts can help. Whether you own a business and need a bulk order to keep your staff and customers safe or you are an individual experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, our couriers can quickly deliver your testing kit to your home or workplace. Unicorn’s friendly team offers this dedicated and time-critical courier service that ensures all tests reach the lab within hours of collection from the customer.

How does it work?

At Unicorn Logistics, we can collect and deliver Coronavirus Home Testing Kits all around the country. We will collect your kit(s) from your chosen laboratory and quickly deliver them to your address. After you have completed your Covid-19 test(s), we will arrange an immediate drop off at your lab. Our couriers will go straight from Point A to Point B, which means your test kit will not be consolidated with others, and your delivery will not be delayed.

These are some of the ways our courier for urgent covid tests service can help you:


If you run a business where home working is not an option, but you still need workers to be tested, you can rely on our team to get your Covid-19 kits delivered to you and your chosen lab in a matter of a few hours.


Whether you wish to get tested for coronavirus for some peace of mind or are experiencing symptoms, our fast delivery services help you get your results fast.

Getting tested for travel 

If you are planning on travelling abroad, you will need to have proof of a negative COVID-19 test. We can deliver your chosen PCR or antigen test right to your door within at little as 30-60 minutes upon confirmation giving you peace of mind before your trip.


Covid tests are sometimes required to facilitate a safer sporting environment. We are proud to serve players with our fast covid testing kit deliveries to fulfil their regular or last-minute testing needs.

Films & Production

Our team has extensive experience working in the film and production industry logistics. Currently, many workers need a negative Covid test to be able to work on the sets of TV, film and media shoot, and our covid test courier services give them the ability to get tested as quickly as possible.

Book Your Covid test kit courier 

Do you need to arrange a coronavirus testing kit delivery or collection? Get in touch on 0333 011 5848 to book your delivery today or request a no-commitment quote. We operate 24/7 all across the United Kingdom, including weekends and Bank Holidays.

Our Same Day Delivery Services Include:

· Guaranteed Same-Day Delivery

· Fully Insured Vehicles

· Collections Within 30-60 Minutes

· Signed Proof of Delivery

· 24/7 Customer Service

· Live Updates

For more information on COVID-19 and testing requirements, please consult the government help page.

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