Food and Agriculture Logistics

Same day courier service for Food & Agriculture Industry

Our expert team can provide you bespoke logistical solutions if you are in the food and agriculture industry. Our Express same day service ensures that your goods reach to their destination directly in a dedicated vehicle straight from A to B. If you require an urgent time critical delivery , let Unicorn logistics manage the process.Call us on 0333 011 5848.

Why choose our same day delivery service?

We understand the importance of time critical deliveries in the manufacturing and engineering sector. We have many a times carried out urgent assignments moving goods from one location to another within the UK. Our modern fleet of couriers ensures that your goods are securely delivered within an agreed time frame. We can provide you an array of options, some of which include;

Our service includes;

  • Same day and Next day service.
  • Emergency parts delivery for any Line Stoppages
  • Just in Time logistics collecting and delivering stock as required cutting inventory & storage costs
  • Wait & Return Service provided for documents that need to be signed and returned ASAP
  • Bespoke service provided to meet your urgent deliveries
  • Customer friendly online Booking
  • Experienced drivers who are specialists in dealing with adhoc deliveries
  • Overnight storage provided
  • We can provide dedicated vehicles on adhoc basis for your emergency stock replenishment
  • Complete route mapping and KPI reporting service which allows us to provide economical and adequate solutions best suited for your business.

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