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Courier service for costumes in Film and TV Production industry

Welcome to Unicorn Logistics, a reputable specialist courier service dedicated to transporting costumes for film and TV productions. Our mission is to provide efficient and reliable logistics solutions for handling the transportation of costumes, ensuring that your creative visions come to life seamlessly.

Our Expertise

Unicorn Logistics possesses a deep understanding of the unique requirements involved in transporting costumes for the film and TV industry. With years of experience, we have honed our expertise to provide tailored solutions for even the most complex costume transportation needs. From delicate period costumes to elaborate sci-fi outfits, our team of skilled professionals is adept at handling diverse costume types.

Timely Deliveries

We recognize the critical importance of time in the fast-paced world of film and TV production. Through efficient logistics operations and strategic partnerships, we prioritize timely deliveries to meet your production schedules. Our dedicated team ensures that your costumes are delivered to the designated locations promptly, without compromising safety or security.

Secure Handling

The safety and integrity of your valuable costumes are of paramount importance to us. Unicorn Logistics employs rigorous safety measures and handling procedures to safeguard your assets throughout the transportation process. Our team is extensively trained to handle costumes with the utmost care, minimizing the risk of damage during transit.

Wide Range of Costumes

Unicorn Logistics understands the diverse costume requirements of different film and TV productions. We have the capacity and flexibility to transport costumes of various styles, sizes, and complexities. Whether you need historical period costumes or futuristic outfits for a sci-fi film, we can efficiently handle all your costume transportation needs.

Customized Solutions

Our commitment to personalized service sets us apart. At Unicorn Logistics, we work closely with you to understand your unique transportation requirements and craft customized solutions accordingly. From selecting the most suitable transportation methods to addressing any last-minute changes, we are dedicated to delivering a seamless and stress-free experience.

Global Reach

Film and TV production often necessitate costume transportation across borders and continents. Unicorn Logistics boasts a robust global network that facilitates international shipping and handling. Our experience in navigating customs regulations and international logistics ensures a smooth and efficient cross-border transportation process.

Sustainability Commitment

Environmental responsibility is at the core of our operations. Unicorn Logistics is committed to incorporating sustainable practices into our services. By optimizing delivery routes and utilizing eco-friendly packaging materials, we actively reduce our carbon footprint and promote environmentally conscious logistics solutions.


Unicorn Logistics stands as a trusted partner in the UK for film and TV production companies seeking a specialized courier service for their costume transportation needs. With our expertise, timely deliveries, secure handling, and commitment to sustainability, we ensure your costumes arrive at their destinations safely and on schedule, supporting your creative endeavors throughout the production process.

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